Regenerative Medicine and Pain

Stem Cell and PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatments have been at the forefront of medical research for many years now.

Many people believe these cutting edge technologies are only available in large Universities or to the very wealthy. Years ago this type of treatment may have been out of reach for the general population, but the Regenerative Medicine Field has drastically changed all of that.

RestoraLife™ is a Regenerative Medicine Clinic that focuses on using multiple techniques either in combination or as a stand-alone therapy to treat injury and chronic pain. Combine Stem Cells and/or PRP with Laser Therapy for the ultimate pain relief.

Chronic pain costs now exceed $650 billion dollars per year and prior to Regenerative Medicine, the only answers we had were medication management, corticosteroides, and the dreaded surgery. Short of painful joint replacement or fusion surgeries, these treatments were simply a way to temporarily treat the symptoms, not the underlying condition.

RestoraLife's Pain Therapy options have the highest success rate in relieving pain, non-surgically!

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