Common Misconceptions About Laser Therapy

Get the Facts on Laser Pain TreatmentsIn this new age of fast developing technologies, sometimes the technology is ahead of the industry it applies to. In the cell phone industry, by the time you get a new phone and learn how to use it (if you ever do), it is outdated! The medical field is another one of those industries that seems to always be chasing the technology, particularly when it comes to laser therapy. Because of this gap between the technology advancements and the traditional medical field being trained in its uses and capabilities, there are many misconceptions related to laser therapy.

That brings us to our first misconception:

Since we are all accustomed to the current medical model of using a primary care physician as our overall medical guide, this sentiment is understandable. However, the statement is not accurate. The traditional medical training curriculum does not cover this new technology for several reasons; the main one being the technology is growing faster than the information is getting back on its capabilities and results. As the therapeutic lasers have moved from cold level laser, or low level laser (Class IIIB and below) to high power laser (Class IV), the clinicians not in this specialty field are not aware of the extremely high success rates these new deep penetrating lasers are providing in the treatment of chronic pain.

In today’s medical climate, patients are becoming their own advocates and finding for themselves what state-of-the-art (laser) treatments are available. The days of a one-stop shop personal doctor are gone. Patients must seek out for themselves options that are not mainstream and do their own research.

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