Is Laser Therapy for Pain Covered by My Insurance?

laser pain care and isuranceSince they are advertised constantly on television, many sufferers of chronic back pain have investigated laser spine surgeries (which are far superior to the traditional fusions covered by most insurances) only to find that while the laser surgeries have much better success rates, are less invasive and have a faster healing time, they are not covered by insurance and can cost as much as $35,000.00.

This has contributed to the perception that non-invasive laser therapy, since not covered by insurance, must also be unaffordable. Luckily, compared to laser surgery and/or what most patients are spending on doctor visits co-pays, specialists, injections, physical therapy and medications, laser therapy is very affordable. Depending on the clinic, most treatment protocols last between 6 and 8 weeks and the expectation is lasting relief. So, when compared to traditional pain management, by the time the patient spends 6 months of money in co-pays, medications, etc. they would have saved considerable money by electing for laser therapy.

More importantly, with laser therapy the patient would have a dramatic decrease in pain and a significant increase in their quality of life. With traditional pain management, they would have been masking pain with drugs, etc. but are not expected to have relieved the source of their pain. Laser therapy is more cost effective than traditional insurance covered pain management and in the end, the patients can expect to have pain relief that is lasting.

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