Neck, Shoulder and Herniated Disk Pain Testimonial

This article review is about the Pain Clinic known as RestoraLife, located in Melbourne, FL.

pain clinic laser prpI am the owner of the marketing and advertising company that promotes RestoraLife digitally and online. Recently, I began pain relief treatments, including Laser and PRP protocols for my neck and shoulder pain — a result of heavy breasts, causing pinched nerves and a herniated disk. When the pain lasted more than 4 weeks I knew I had to see a pain specialist. I always knew the non invasive pain treatments given at RestoraLife were astoundingly successful, but to actually experience this first hand … WOW. I am shocked. I am only one week into my pain treatments and the shooting, burning pain and tingling in my hands is almost gone. I was to the point where I couldn’t sneeze without terrible pains running from neck down through my arm. The Laser treatments are so relaxing and I am very pleased to report that the PRP injections were very comfortable as well. I can move my arm without pain! I had to share my personal experience in hopes that others will turn to RestoraLife in the event of pain or an injury, before considering surgery!

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