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Stop suffering from the pain in your back. Our Melbourne pain clinic professionals at Laser Pain Care will give you a free consultation, informing you of the acute or chronic conditions you may be suffering from. After just a few short treatments (without needing surgery or medications), your pain will subside and you can get back to your life and hobbies: exercise, gardening, sleeping with little to no pain, shopping, dining out with friends, etc.

Here are a few reasons why your lower back may be hurting so badly:

Your neuro-muscular-skeletal system is delicately balanced and interconnected.  When a muscle is too weak or even too strong, it places abnormal stress on another muscle.  The muscle that is stressed will compensate for a while, but eventually it will begin to hurt.

Strengthening the abdominals can help prevent lower back pain. One of the chief causes of lower back pain is weak abdominal muscles. The abdominals hold the lower torso and if they are weak, the back muscles will be forced into strainful positions and efforts.

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Is Laser Therapy for Pain Covered by My Insurance?

laser pain care and isuranceSince they are advertised constantly on television, many sufferers of chronic back pain have investigated laser spine surgeries (which are far superior to the traditional fusions covered by most insurances) only to find that while the laser surgeries have much better success rates, are less invasive and have a faster healing time, they are not covered by insurance and can cost as much as $35,000.00.

This has contributed to the perception that non-invasive laser therapy, since not covered by insurance, must also be unaffordable. Luckily, compared to laser surgery and/or what most patients are spending on doctor visits co-pays, specialists, injections, physical therapy and medications, laser therapy is very affordable. Depending on the clinic, most treatment protocols last between 6 and 8 weeks and the expectation is lasting relief. So, when compared to traditional pain management, by the time the patient spends 6 months of money in co-pays, medications, etc. they would have saved considerable money by electing for laser therapy.

More importantly, with laser therapy the patient would have a dramatic decrease in pain and a significant increase in their quality of life. With traditional pain management, they would have been masking pain with drugs, etc. but are not expected to have relieved the source of their pain. Laser therapy is more cost effective than traditional insurance covered pain management and in the end, the patients can expect to have pain relief that is lasting.

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Rising Franchises USANew opportunity is rising fast with Laser Technology in treatments for pain. Laser Pain Care offers a specialized laser device; providing a way out of chronic pain, without surgery, medications or numerous, on-going doctor’s visits.
Millions of Americans are suffering with daily, chronic pain and we now have an FDA Approved device that will cure pain sufferers, fast!
Laser Pain Care’s approach is simple > “Restoring Life, Relieving Pain.” Laser Pain Care has a 90% success rate in omitting pain for good.

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Common Misconceptions About Laser Therapy

Get the Facts on Laser Pain TreatmentsIn this new age of fast developing technologies, sometimes the technology is ahead of the industry it applies to. In the cell phone industry, by the time you get a new phone and learn how to use it (if you ever do), it is outdated! The medical field is another one of those industries that seems to always be chasing the technology, particularly when it comes to laser therapy. Because of this gap between the technology advancements and the traditional medical field being trained in its uses and capabilities, there are many misconceptions related to laser therapy.

That brings us to our first misconception:

Since we are all accustomed to the current medical model of using a primary care physician as our overall medical guide, this sentiment is understandable. However, the statement is not accurate. The traditional medical training curriculum does not cover this new technology for several reasons; the main one being the technology is growing faster than the information is getting back on its capabilities and results. As the therapeutic lasers have moved from cold level laser, or low level laser (Class IIIB and below) to high power laser (Class IV), the clinicians not in this specialty field are not aware of the extremely high success rates these new deep penetrating lasers are providing in the treatment of chronic pain.

In today’s medical climate, patients are becoming their own advocates and finding for themselves what state-of-the-art (laser) treatments are available. The days of a one-stop shop personal doctor are gone. Patients must seek out for themselves options that are not mainstream and do their own research.

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High-Level Healing: Laser Pain Care & Therapy

Non-invasive, powerful laser therapy helps patients get back to enjoying pain-free lives without surgery.

When Frank Cheung tried to break up a fight in 1998, he was inadvertently struck in the back of the head during the melee. The injury led to a long journey in which he endured batteries of tests, expensive medications, a significant spinal surgery and severe and debilitating pain.

Frank Cheung was in severe pain until being treated with high-level Class IV lasers at Laser Pain Care in Melbourne.

The blow to his head resulted in the development of a “calcium deposit in between the central nervous system and the vertebrae,” he describes. In 2010, he had surgery to correct the problem, which involved implanting a prosthetic device in his neck. “It’s called a PEEK trinity cage,” he explains. “They actually built it inside my neck.”

He underwent physical therapy for a year following the procedure because the prosthesis is “like a steel rod,” he describes. “It’s thick and you can’t really do anything with it.”

Frank also suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia and found it increasingly difficult to do even everyday tasks. “I got to the point where I needed help standing up from a chair if I was sitting down, or I just needed help sitting down sometimes,” he laments. “I would turn my head by moving my shoulders in the direction I wanted to turn.”

Even though he lives near the beach, Frank could no longer enjoy it. “The ground is so unlevel on the sand that if there was the slightest incline from my left foot to my right foot, it would be so jarring to my spine that I would be in pain,” he recalls.

Doctors prescribed him pain relievers, and they “said that I would have to learn to live with it.” But Frank didn’t want to live with it. In January, when he came across a handout for Laser Pain Care in Melbourne, his wife suggested he make an appointment.

About Laser Therapy

The certified laser therapists at Laser Pain Care use a special type of high-level Class IV laser, and the equipment is “specifically made based on our specifications,” explains Chief Executive Officer and Clinical Director Nicole Hadjadj. “Some Class IV lasers have just one laser spectrum, but ours have two. One wavelength penetrates superficially at the surface, and the other is very deep. Both the wavelength and the power are adjustable and can be used continuously or for pulsing, based on the patient’s condition.”

Laser therapy helps relieve inflammation, reduce swelling and increases circulation, which facilitates healing. “When you are able to help the body receive the fuel to heal itself on its own, which is what our body was made to do, it is capable of doing that,” describes Nicole. “We’re just giving it the aid to do it through laser therapy.”

The treatment – which is FDA-cleared and up to 90 percent effective – offers a noninvasive way for patients with chronic pain to avoid surgery. “With no side effects and no downtime, we provide our patients with true pain relief options without having to undergo surgery,” Nicole stresses.

High-level laser therapy benefits a plethora of painful conditions, including neck and back pain, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, sciatica, carpal tunnel, bursitis, tendonitis, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia and arthritis. “These lasers are adjustable and variable and are very effective in treating different types of chronic pain,” Nicole adds.

Pain Relief Melbourne, FL

Laser therapy has also proven successful for patients who have already had surgery, like Frank, but are still suffering.

After years in pain, Frank found relief almost immediately following his treatment at Laser Pain Care. “I could barely move before I got there,” he confides. “I had to sleep sitting in a chair because when I lay down, I couldn’t breathe right because the pain was so intense. The second time I went for my treatment, the pain was already going away.”

In all, Frank completed seven weeks of treatment on his neck, hips, shoulders and foot, which had plantar fasciitis. “Before I went there, I was walking on my big toe instead of my whole foot,” he says. “That also changed my posture and added to the pain.”

Each treatment session took about an hour, he reports. The laser resembles “the handheld little scanners at the cash register, and the ball looks like a roll-on deodorant ball,” he observes. “They just move that across your skin. They just keep moving it in the areas where you tell them the pain is.”

Frank Cheung was in severe pain until being treated with high-level Class IV lasers at Laser Pain Care in Melbourne.

That little ball, known as a treatment head, gently compresses the tissue and helps remove excess fluid, which allows the laser to penetrate deeply. As the light from the laser is absorbed, the energy is dissipated as heat, which produces a warm, soothing sensation.

Though the treatment seems simple, the science behind it is anything but simple. “The laser works by a process called photobiomodulation,” explains Nicole. “Basically, it gives off photons, which are bundles of light energy. Those bundles are absorbed into the mitochondria of the cell, thereby supercharging the cells to a higher state. The cells are then able to function at a higher level.”

Frank began treatment in January, and “I have not had any of my medication since,” raves the security guard, who works at the King Center and events in downtown Melbourne. “I’m pain free. My son is twenty-five and he works with me, and he even tells me that he has a hard time keeping up with me.”

Back on the beach, thanks to Laser Pain Care!

The high-level laser therapy used at Laser Pain Care helps patients get back to doing the things they love. “We treat the body and get rid of inflammatory processes,” Nicole says. “And we are really able to provide life-changing benefits for our patients. People have limped in here and are now traveling through their golden years. That’s what we really want.”

Frank is thrilled with his care at Laser Pain Care. “The one thing that I learned fast by watching everybody there is that they really are concerned about you,” he says. “When they ask, How are you? How’s your day going?, they really want to know.

“I actually enjoyed going there,” he adds, “and felt so much better when I came home. I’d show my wife. I said, Look what I can do! I actually walked in front of our house, and my wife started crying because she couldn’t believe how I was moving.”

“He came in here with four or five different problems, and now he’s out really enjoying his life,” says Nicole. “He’s fully functional, happy and highly active. It’s a wonderful thing that we get to do.”

Thanks to Laser Pain Care, Frank can again enjoy walks with his wife on the beach near their home and is back to tending his garden. “Now, I’m like a little kid!” he exclaims. “Hey! Look at me now! Watch this! Watch this! And all I’m doing is walking.”


“Laser Pain Care Alleviated My Pain”

Laser Pain Care“As a physician, I understand the effects of chronic pain on the body and mind. As a patient, I understand the negative effects chronic pain has on everyday life.”

~ Dr. Andrew Schmidt, Gastroenterologist, receiving his high watt, class IV laser treatment at Laser Pain Care in Melbourne, FL.

Dr. Schmidt adds, “After my first treatment with Laser Pain Care, I understood the difference in the laser technology and knew there was hope. Once I completed my treatment program, I was able to increase my practice load and get back to treating my own patients. Surgery is no longer an option.”

Chronic Pain treatments with laser therapy

Chronic Pain treatments with laser therapy:  laser pain care is a non-invasive procedure, meaning that it does not require surgery. Patients typically get full relief or resolution from their pain symptoms after the first few treatments. While it is still a relatively new treatment option, it is relieving chronic pain in many people.

Cold Laser Therapy is a treatment utilizing a laser that penetrates the skin, rejuvenating cell function, helping alleviate chronic pain from conditions such as arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia, neck pain, spinal stenosis, sciatica, migraines and more.

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