Patient Review of Laser Pain Care, Melbourne Pain Clinic

At 84 years I have been subject to most medical problems of old age. I’ve had cataracts, carpal tunnel, diabetes, type II, colon cancer, hearing loss, arthritis, sciatica, and most recently back surgery for spinal stenosis. In the two and a half years since then, I’ve met with pain doctors who gave me prescriptions for hydrocodone and a co-pay of $45.

When I asked about optional treatments I was told there were none. I inquired about laser procedure. Three doctors told me I couldn’t do that because I had two metal strips in my back. Then I saw a notice about “Lunch & Learn” and thought I had would find out what Laser treatment was all about. Nicole assured me that almost half of the patients had metal strips and NONE have had a problem or discomfort. With a 90% success rate, I decided to give it a try for both my sciatica and lower back pain.

It really works! My pain and discomfort for both conditions are a thing of the past. I was concerned about the cost. Though FDA approved, Medicare and health insurers don’t contribute to the payment. When I thought about my costs for hearing aids, dental care, and co-pays, I decided Laser Pain Care was a most affordable and worthwhile investment. It not only alleviated the pain but worked on the cause. Fortunately, there are payment plans available to spread the charges over a year with credit cards accepted and direct debits to your bank account for convenience.

I have become an advocate because I think there are many people who can benefit from this laser pain care innovation. Current apathy and lack of knowledge from the standard medical community upsets me. I tell all of my friends my experience.

I am well satisfied and happy with my new health and return to normal activity without pain. I am “re-focused” not “retired”. I am optimistic about the years ahead. As Mark Twain said, “I’m going to live to be 100 … or die trying”.

Cal R. Muth, Laser Pain Care Patient, 2014

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