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Stop suffering from the pain in your back. Our Melbourne pain clinic professionals at Laser Pain Care will give you a free consultation, informing you of the acute or chronic conditions you may be suffering from. After just a few short treatments (without needing surgery or medications), your pain will subside and you can get back to your life and hobbies: exercise, gardening, sleeping with little to no pain, shopping, dining out with friends, etc.

Here are a few reasons why your lower back may be hurting so badly:

Your neuro-muscular-skeletal system is delicately balanced and interconnected.  When a muscle is too weak or even too strong, it places abnormal stress on another muscle.  The muscle that is stressed will compensate for a while, but eventually it will begin to hurt.

Strengthening the abdominals can help prevent lower back pain. One of the chief causes of lower back pain is weak abdominal muscles. The abdominals hold the lower torso and if they are weak, the back muscles will be forced into strainful positions and efforts.

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