Stem Cells, Laser and PRP – Oh My!

Stem Cells, Laser and PRP not only remove pain but do so in a regenerative manner.

This means, while you are under the care of RestoraLife™ Regenerative Pain Clinic, you will be treated with all-natural, self-healing techniques. These protocols are non-invasive and help bring your body and strength back to where it used to be. As we age, our cells and muscle mass diminish. This is the just the way of the body. The aging process can be discouraging, especially when you are experiencing high levels of chronic pain. But, with the help our cutting edge Stem Cell, Laser and PRP plans, you can get back to your daily activities and feel full of life again.


Regenerative Treatments Giving Pain Patients New Hope

For those who are battling chronic pain, it has often seemed like there was no hope. The traditional medical path for treating chronic pain has left many sufferers feeling trapped, as those traditional pain management techniques often are just not enough to relieve those who are suffering.

There is a new generation of clinicians focusing on a different direction for treating chronic pain. Currently, medicine focuses on minimally effective, potentially toxic drugs, short-lasting steroid injections or surgeries that offer no guarantees.  With regenerative treatment, the patient is given options that are more based on healing the source not the symptoms.

This new direction has been coined Regenerative Medicine and it’s a completely unique approach to the traditional orthopedic options because the whole focus is that the human body has always been capable of healing itself, unfortunately, as we age and injure or wind up with chronic disease conditions, sometimes those healing mechanisms that we all have need help to function properly.

The goal of Regenerative Medicine is uncover which of your body’s natural healing mechanisms are in need of restoration or revitalization and find a science-based technologically-advanced treatment option that will enable your body to do what it already knows how to do, heal itself.  There are 3 main healing mechanisms that focus on the processes of replacing and regenerating human cells and tissues to restore or re-establish normal function. These mechanisms are cell division, platelets and stem cells.

Once a clinician determines which healing mechanism needs help, restoration is promoted through the use of cell-based treatments and biomaterials.  These substances are naturally found in the body and when used in high concentrations, can drastically speed up the healing process.  Regenerative Medicine can be used for the management and healing of many orthopedic conditions including sports injuries.

regenerative-medicineRegenerative Medicine empowers the body to repair and regenerate itself whether it is arthritis, back, neck, knee, shoulder or hip pain, nerve conditions and even extreme conditions like fibromyalgia and peripheral neuropathy. Regardless of what chronic pain condition a patient may be suffering from, these new cell-based treatments relieve pain and accelerate natural healing processes already occurring in your body.

Regenerative Medicine’s quickly growing and rapidly advancing field is called Orthobiologics which is simply the use of the body’s naturally occurring healing mechanisms which are biomaterials and include your platelets and stem cells to help injuries and disease conditions heal quickly.

By extracting and concentrating these biomaterials, a clinician can be deliver these healing materials directly to diseased or injured areas thereby providing a means to stimulate the repair process and replenish the dead or dying cells. The healing triggered by this process can often prevent or delay the need for surgery.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, called PRP, is an orthobiologic solution for treating a large variety chronic pain conditions including ligament, tendon and joint injuries, arthritis and most other areas of chronic pain.  Platelets are partial cells that are found in blood that not only help stop bleeding, but also contain growth factors that the body uses to repair damaged tissues.  These growth factors play an important role in accelerating the healing of soft tissue injuries.  The goal of PRP therapy is to increase the rate of repair and regeneration of tissue by providing a highly concentrated volume of your own platelets that could never happen without the use of this advanced technique.

The area of orthobiologics that is growing that fastest and showing the most promise is the use of stem cells and other similar cell-based treatments that work with stem cells.  Stem cells help to maintain the body’s continuous cycle of regeneration, repair and healing.  As the body ages, the concentration of stem cells found in the body diminishes.  As the stem cell concentration diminishes, it becomes increasingly difficult for the body to recover from injury.  Similar to the techniques used in PRP, stem cells and the other cell-based biomaterials can by extracted, concentrated and delivered by a clinician into areas of chronic pain that need help. These building blocks provided at higher concentrations that can occur naturally due to the aging process are capable of advanced reconstruction and revitalization.

The popularity of these advanced regenerative treatments is growing quickly as patients now have an alternative approach to try that is minimally invasive, requires no down time like a surgery and also does not include the risks associated with surgeries.

If you are suffering from chronic pain and are looking for alternatives for prescription medications and surgeries, research in your area for a regenerative medicine clinic that specializes in advanced orthobioligic techniques.

Restoralife Regenerative Care is one such clinic serving the Brevard County communities since 2013. They pride themselves at staying at the forefront of the Regenerative Medicine Field and offer weekly Lunch & Learn Seminars to educate people with pain and/or injuries on the exciting new options for lasting pain relief using the latest and most advanced, science based treatment options.




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