Surgery-FREE Laser Pain Relief

Laser Pain Care Introduces Surgery-FREE Laser Pain Relief! With offices in Melbourne, FL and Boca Raton, FL, our laser technicians are trained and excited to help you get your life back and enjoy your golden years!

““I had suffered chronic back pain for over twenty years. I had many procedures
including Epidural Steroid Injections, Radio Frequency Ablations. After years of
resisting, I decided to go ahead with a multiple level fusion to deal with my severe
lower back and leg pain. One year after my surgery, my pain was worse than it had
ever been. My days consisted of heating pads, applying creams and patches, getting
up and down to change positions and visiting different doctors and pain management
clinics to find new answers. I was so discouraged and had lost HOPE of enjoying my
retirement years as an active person with my wife and family.
Several days after the one-year anniversary of my back surgery, I received an insert in the paper for a dinner seminar on laser therapy for pain relief. I read that laser therapy was successful in treating low back and sciatic pain and many other conditions. I was so afraid to get my hopes up only to be disappointed again.
On a Tuesday evening three months ago, I attended a Laser Pain Care seminar.
The person speaking was very knowledgeable and gave examples of patients that
had conditions very similar to mine. After many questions, I decided to attend a
complimentary consultation. I was very skeptical and afraid that this was too good
to be true. My wife came with me to the consultation and talked me into beginning
treatment that day.
Three months later, I have no leg pain and almost no back pain. This is the first time in years I have been able to walk more than ten feet without being in sheer agony. I have begun walking on the beach and taking trips with my wife. Thanks to Laser Pain Care, I am now enjoying my golden years.” ~ Roger (actual patient testimonial)

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