Regenerative Medicine and Pain

Stem Cell and PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatments have been at the forefront of medical research for many years now.

Many people believe these cutting edge technologies are only available in large Universities or to the very wealthy. Years ago this type of treatment may have been out of reach for the general population, but the Regenerative Medicine Field has drastically changed all of that.

RestoraLife™ is a Regenerative Medicine Clinic that focuses on using multiple techniques either in combination or as a stand-alone therapy to treat injury and chronic pain. Combine Stem Cells and/or PRP with Laser Therapy for the ultimate pain relief.

Chronic pain costs now exceed $650 billion dollars per year and prior to Regenerative Medicine, the only answers we had were medication management, corticosteroides, and the dreaded surgery. Short of painful joint replacement or fusion surgeries, these treatments were simply a way to temporarily treat the symptoms, not the underlying condition.

RestoraLife's Regenerative treatments have the highest success rate in relieving pain, non-surgically!

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Regenerative Medicine is the best alternative to replacement surgery

The Pain Problem:

When you have chronic pain it is usually the result of numerous complicated factors that often don’t have a simple cause and effect.  This is true for a spine injury, joint damage, nerve damage or maybe even a failed surgery.  No matter what it is, you’ve probably seen several doctors and specialists including chiropractors and physical therapists to try to understand and gain control over the pain.  And if you’re like most chronic pain sufferers, none of this has provided long-term relief and you are still looking for an answer.

Much of the complications surrounding chronic pain are a result of treating early symptoms only and not properly targeting the source of the condition.  A number of studies have demonstrated that pain is often inadequately diagnosed and treated in primary care, with an overuse of medical appointment and health care resources.  Often traditional medicine can only offer pain management efforts, causing many sufferers to be dependent on prescription medications, regular corticosteroid injections or even an invasive surgery.  These efforts may temporarily address a condition or delay it from progressing, but do nothing in terms of actually healing the condition.

At some point pain sufferers often begin to feel powerless against their condition.  The pain severity and frequency can often cause disability, which in turn affects work, family and other aspects of daily life.  A recent study found that the majority of chronic pain patients suffer anxiety, sadness and/or depression and that they had stopped participating in social activities because of the presence of pain in their life.  Furthermore, the suffering of a loved one due to pain has also been reported to be an overwhelming experience for the family members who love and care for them, and often the pain or anguish that the patients suffer is felt indirectly by caregivers.

The amount of money, resources, energy and effort put into treating a chronic pain condition can be endless.  The limitations that chronic pain can put on a lifestyle are also endless as the condition worsens.  It has numerous long-term physical, psychological, and economic consequences if left unresolved.

The Pain Solution:

Regenerative medicine has become a primary option for individuals living with chronic pain.  Cell-based treatments are being used to return proper function to joints, spines, nerves and more through minimally invasive procedures.  Patients are experiencing relief from years of pain and discomfort without the use of medications or the need for surgery.

Regenerative medicine approaches diagnostics and treatment in a way that is highly customized for each patient.  This approach utilizes cell-based treatments along with other regenerative technologies to restart and foster the healing processes necessary for regeneration.

Patients receiving these treatments often report significant pain reduction within a few weeks.  And due to the regenerative capabilities of these treatments, continued gains in pain relief, mobility and function are often experienced for months after receiving treatment.  Most importantly, the pain relief from truly addressing the source of the pain and not just the symptoms is retained due to the regeneration and healing that has occurred.

While pain relief may be the most noticeable benefit of these treatments, it is definitely not the only.  Patients often share how the pain relief has made their lives better.  Mood, countenance, and interpersonal relationships often improve.  Confidence and vigor for life return.  Social, exercise, and travel activities usually resume within weeks.  And a restored independence allows for significant improvements within the family/home-life structure.

If you or a loved one suffer from chronic pain and are looking for reliable guidance through the possibilities of regenerative medicine, call RestoraLife today.  RestoraLife has proudly served the Space Coast since 2013 and has helped thousands of patients reclaim their lives back from chronic pain.

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