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At Nona Medical Arts we believe living pain free starts with a conversation between the mind, body, and spirit. By taking a unique, multi-disciplinary approach to pain management, the chronic pain that overcomes your daily life can be something of the past. The goal of Nona Medical Arts is to provide you with non-surgical, regenerative alternatives so your body can heal itself without the shackles of daily drugs or the need for invasive surgery. Innovative therapies delivered by our compassionate medical staff allow you to achieve your best quality of life in today’s active world.



Premier Injury Medical Center located in Columbus, Ohio offers stem cell therapy and other regenerative and health treatments to heal pain and injury. Dr. Syam along with his medical team are experienced with treating degenerative joints, and sports injuries. Premier is the leading sports team provider in the area.



regenerative wellness centersRegenerative Wellness Centers utilizes your body’s natural healing ability to repair damaged bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments without surgery. Our top of the line, research-driven techniques allow us to extract your cells and to place them in exact areas of injury to promote healing; achieving favorable outcomes.



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