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 “Do I Really Need Surgery?” This is a decision many people are facing. You may be dealing with a degenerative osteoarthritis of the knee or shoulder. Perhaps you have heard the term “bone-on-bone”. Stenosis of the neck or back.  Read real patient reviews!

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Regenerative treatments have shown a great deal of success in helping to heal bone, damaged nerves, worn joints and soft tissue damage by stimulating regeneration in damaged tissue that would not regrow or repair by itself. Everyone from athletes to chronic pain sufferers are seeking this option to be functional again.RestoraLife Seminars

Surgeries of the Musculoskeletal System are growing at staggering rates. “According to AARP, rates of hospitalization nearly doubled for operations like spinal fusion and total knee replacement between 1997-2010”. For years these operations have been considered necessary for quality of life and prolonged mobility. However, many studies have recently come out contradicting that information.

avoid surgery with stem cells“There are now technologically advanced options to surgery that are available to the mainstream medical patient that were previously only accessible to professional athletes and the very wealthy. This field of medicine is known as Regenerative Medicine.”Regenerative Medicine

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What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative Medicine, utilizing stem cells and other modalities, is a game-changing area of medicine with the potential to heal damaged tissue.

Regenerative Medicine is a completely unique approach to traditional options. The focus of this approach is that the human body has always been capable of healing itself; unfortunately, whether due to age, injury or chronic disease conditions, the natural healing mechanisms of the body become less and less effective. Regenerative medicine boosts your body’s natural ability to heal, replaces damaged cells with healthy cells, and regenerates tissue.

Why is Regenerative Medicine an alternative to surgery? Call us to find out! (321) 265-5136surgery alternatives without pain

The primary benefits of this technology include a reduction in pain and an increase in function and mobility with little or no downtime. As such, Regenerative Medicine has quickly become a primary alternative to physical therapy, medications, steroid injections and surgery.

RestoraLife Regenerative Care (located in Melbourne, FL) specializes in this exciting new field of medicine, utilizing cellular therapies along with other state of the art techniques to treat injury and chronic pain.

The RestoraLife patient ranges from those that are active and don’t want to have the downtime to patients that have been suffering for years.

Who is a candidate for Regenerative Therapies?

All RestoraLife patients are unique, but their reasons for seeking help tend to share many common elements. They do not want to be on medications, they are trying to avoid surgery, surgery did not help or the most prevalent reason; their patients have a feeling with today’s modern medicine that there has to be a better way.

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