Celebrating 5 Years

Restoralife Celebrates 5 Years of Helping People be free from pain and avoid Surgeries!!

As August approaches RestoraLife will hit its fifth year of treating chronic pain and injury with its treatment methods. Upon opening in 2013, Restorative Treatments were not well known, often misunderstood and typically thought of as “alternative medicine”. As the field of Regenerative Medicine has exploded, RestoraLife has continued to stay on the cutting edge of care and has even become a first choice for many healthcare providers and their families.

restoralife reviewsThe documented results and benefits of regenerative treatments over time have made it a popular option for relieving pain and recovering from injury.  It has also become a first line of treatment for almost all professional sports franchises to treat injured players and every day people are utilizing regenerative treatments to relieve pain and recover from chronic conditions or injuries. It’s easy to see that our society is moving towards using regenerative medicine to aid physical ailments and degeneration. Whether it’s hair loss, bone or nerve degeneration, aesthetic or even sexual dysfunction, regenerative medicine offers solutions.  In fact, the industry is expected to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 33% over the next 7 years.  With the growing occurrence of chronic diseases, increases in government and private funding and the growth in the geriatric population, it’s easy to see this growth being achieved.

Over the past 5 years, the staff at RestoraLife has been dedicated to staying at the forefront of the regenerative medicine field and honing our treatment methods to be as safe and effective as possible.  During this time, we have helped thousands of patients avoid surgery, live with less pain and maintain the lifestyle they want.  We have not only seen patients improve physically, but we have witnessed the social and emotional gains that people experience when treated successfully.  Furthermore, these outcomes have been achieved using minimally invasive procedures that require no medications and no recovery time. The staff collectively agree that the most exciting part of our growth has been the return of former patients with new issues and the amount of referrals from friends and family of successfully treated patients.

As we reach this milestone, we would like to thank all of the patients we’ve had the pleasure of treating.  We would like to recognize the fact that they put their trust and quality of life in our hands.  There is no doubt that each patient and each condition has contributed to the betterment of RestoraLife and regenerative medicine as a whole. Many patients have come to us with little or no hope, and have given up with trying to find traditional medicines that work, finding themselves with little optimism for their future. RestoraLife is proud to have treated these individuals and honored to play a role in their recovery/healing process.

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