One More Reason Why You Shouldn’t Put Up with Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is difficult to deal with no matter what age you are.

It’s the top reason why people end up on long-term disability. It lowers the quality of your life, making you give up your favorite activities and keeps you home-bound and lonely.

chronic painPain makes it difficult for you to get a good night of sleep. It often changes the personality of the pain victim, making him or her grumpy and sharp with family members.

You’ll do the best you can with the chronic pain you have. You’ll take pain medications that can cost $500/month or more, get to bed early, and eat a healthier diet … but often times, the pain is still there, day after day. It leaves you frustrated, desperate and wanting to give up.

And if that’s not bad enough, there’s one more thing that chronic pain causes that may surprise you: Chronic pain shrinks the brain 10% – equal to what happens from aging 10-20 years!

This was discovered in 2004 at Northwestern University when scientists found that chronic back pain – pain lasting six months or longer – isn’t just a figment of the imagination. It’s causing real damage.

It’s causing abnormal brain chemistry. More specifically, the parts of your brain needed for decision making, controlling social behavior, and assessing what’s happening with yourself and others emotionally are the parts that shrink. These parts of your brain are important parts for your ability to think.

That means if chronic pain is left to continue, you might expect a decrease in your IQ. Isn’t getting older hard enough – without suffering a corresponding decrease in IQ?

What Causes Chronic Back Pain?

Chronic back pain can result from one of several causes: osteoarthritis, sciatica, stenosis, fracture of the vertebrae, or herniated disk. These may be accompanied by peripheral neuropathy, the loss of feeling of a leg and foot and loss of the feeling of where the foot actually is while walking. Peripheral neuropathy can result in falling, breaking a bone, and many new problems thereafter.

chronic back painHere’s an example of how chronic back pain destroyed the life of one man named Frank. He had osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, and fibromyalgia. He had a titanium plate in his neck at the level of the second cervical vertebrae down to the seventh cervical vertebrae. He rated his pain level at 7-8 most of the time, but sometimes it was at a level of 10 (This is where you want to die because the pain is so bad.).

He couldn’t sleep, couldn’t sit without help, couldn’t breathe properly at night unless sitting propped up in a chair. He couldn’t even dress himself. His doctor told him to double his pain medication.

Imagine the brain shrinkage that Frank was suffering from – as well as all the other problems that are from the chronic pain.

But by a stroke of good luck or good timing or whatever you want to attribute it to, Frank found out about RestoraLife’s new natural regenerative therapies. He then made a good decision that changed the entire course of his life.

After only two treatments, his pain started decreasing. Slowly his robotic movements due to chronic pain became more human-like and his real personality started shining through his daily behavior.

Now he’s pain-free. He doesn’t even use painkillers anymore. And he has successfully salvaged his brain from shrinking any further.

RestoraLife Regenerative Care, located in Melbourne, uses state-of-the-art therapeutic laser therapy combined with cell based therapy, concentrated Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and connective tissue treatments – all non-surgical and restorative without adding harmful medications.

Are the effects you’re experiencing from chronic pain worth a consultation?

Source: Chronic back pain shrinks ‘thinking parts’ of brain. Nov. 23, 2004. Northwestern Now.

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