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Regenerative Medicine empowers the body to repair and regenerate itself whether the patient is suffering from arthritis, back, neck, knee, shoulder or hip pain, nerve conditions and even extreme conditions like fibromyalgia and peripheral neuropathy. Regardless of what chronic pain condition a patient may be suffering from, these new cell-based treatments relieve pain and accelerate natural healing processes already occurring in the body.

Regenerative Medicine’s rapidly advancing field is called Orthobiologics which is simply the use of the body’s naturally occurring, healing mechanisms which are biomaterials and include your platelets and stem cells to help injuries and disease conditions heal quickly.

By extracting and concentrating these biomaterials, a clinician can then deliver these healing materials directly to diseased or injured areas thereby providing a means to stimulate the body’s repair process. The healing triggered by this process can often prevent or delay the need for surgery.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, called PRP, is an orthobiologic solution for treating a large variety chronic pain conditions including ligament, tendon and joint injuries, arthritis and most other areas of chronic pain. Platelets are partial cells that are found in blood stream that not only help stop bleeding, but also contain growth factors that the body uses to repair damaged tissues. These growth
factors play an important role in accelerating the healing of soft tissue injuries. The goal of PRP therapy is to increase the rate of repair and regeneration of tissue by providing a highly concentrated volume of your own platelets that could never happen without the use of this advanced technique.

The area of orthobiologics that is growing that fastest and showing the most promise is the use of stem cells and other similar cell-based treatments. Stem cells help to maintain the body’s continuous cycle of regeneration, repair and healing. As the body ages, the concentration of stem cells found in the body diminishes. As the stem cell concentration diminishes, it becomes increasingly difficult for the body to recover from injury. Similar to the techniques used in PRP, stem cells and the other cell-based biomaterials can by extracted, concentrated and delivered by a clinician into areas of chronic pain that need help. These building blocks provided at higher concentrations that can occur naturally due to the aging process are capable of advanced reconstruction, restoration and revitalization.

The popularity of these advanced regenerative treatments is growing quickly as patients now have alternative approaches to try that are minimally invasive, require no down time like a surgery and also do not include the risks associated with surgeries.

Barbara T. – “All the Therapists were excellent. I am so much better!”

Age: RestoraLife Reviews81
Treatments Received: Stem Cell / PRP / Laser
Treatments For: Right Shoulder / Left Hip / Cervical
Pain Relief: 90%
Clinical Summary: Patient has a 30+ year history of shoulder problems. Because of previous surgeries and damage, this patient was afraid to have shoulder replacement surgery. After being successfully treated for Sciatica, the patient decided to attempt treatment on her shoulder. We used a combination of cell-based therapy, PRP and a round of therapeutic laser treatments. After treatments the patient had decreased pain and significantly increased range of motion.

Paul B. – “I’m back on my bike after only a few weeks and it feels great. I’m very pleased  with the results.”

RestoraLife ReviewsAge: 42
Treatments Received: PRP / Laser
Treatments For: Right Knee
Pain Relief: 95%
Clinical Summary: Paul had a torn medial meniscus and was very close to scheduling surgery as his activity had been greatly affected. Because of the downtime, he chose to try Regenerative treatment before having an arthroscopic repair. Paul’s treatment consisted of a Platelet Rich Plasma injection followed by a therapeutic laser regimen. Within a few weeks Paul reported that he was back in the gym working out and riding his bike with no pain.


Jane K. – “I’m so glad I found RestoraLife.”

RestoraLife ReviewsAge: 79
Treatments Received: Stem Cell / PRP / Laser
Treatments For: Lumbar / Hip
Pain Relief: 80%
Clinical Summary: Jane is a 79-year-old active female in good health that had been battling low back and hip pain for several years. She came to us after multiple treatment modalities had failed. After agreeing to and receiving our combination therapy, Jane was able to get back in the gym and continue to maintain her healthy lifestyle.


Carter S. – “My mobility is back and I’m pain free in all my athletic activities.”

RestoraLife ReviewsAge: 16
Treatments Received: Laser Therapy
Treatments For: Back Pain
Pain Relief: 100%
Clinical Summary: Carter is a teenager that is very active in high school baseball. Over a year ago he began having low back pain that progressively worsened. Carter’s father took him to multiple doctors, pain management clinics and orthopedic centers; none could come up with an explanation for the pain that had sidelined him from all athletic activities. The determination from RestoraLife was that the problem was neuromuscular. The approach to treat Carter consisted of trigger point injections followed by therapeutic laser and myofascial release. After 6 weeks, he was able to return to athletics with no pain or restriction in mobility.


Barbara N. – “RestoraLife is the only way to go! Love the staff!”

RestoraLife ReviewsAge: 70
Treatments Received: Stem Cell / PRP / Laser
Treatments For: Lumbar / Bilateral Knees
Pain Relief: 100%
Clinical Summary: Barbara is a lifelong body builder and as such, her knees were in pretty bad shape. She came to RestoraLife after already having knee surgery, but was still experiencing severe pain from degenerative osteoarthritis. Many doctors describe this condition as “bone on bone”. With another surgery being her only other option, she agreed to try a combination of cell-based, PRP and laser treatments. Her progress was outstanding and reported at the end of her treatments that she’s going back to the gym and feels 20 years younger.


Brad B. – “My Orthopedist recommended total knee replacement. I decided to use  RestoraLife instead.

RestoraLife ReviewsAge: 62
Treatments Received: Stem Cell / PRP / Laser
Treatments For: Left Knee
Pain Relief: 85%
Clinical Summary: As an avid traveler, Brad had to address his knee pain. The pain had already caused him to cancel an annual trip; a trip that he had participated in for 45 years. With one surgery already on his left knee to repair a meniscus, he was facing total knee replacement due to osteoarthritis. Brad chose to try RestoraLife instead. After a few months of treatment, he was well enough to travel again. Knee replacement surgery was avoided. He recently spent 3 weeks traveling in India and a week hiking the Himalayas and reports that his knee feels great and he’s looking forward to his month-long trip to Europe this fall.

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