Reclaim Active Lifestyle, Surgery-Free

Reclaim An Active Lifestyle, Surgery-Free

Non-Invasive Treatments for Chronic Pain

Many individuals with a history of pain management are searching for a way to avoid surgery, which comes with its share of pain, downtime and potential health risks. Fortunately, Regenerative Medicine allows patients like Billie to do just that.

Regenerative treatments work by harnessing the body’s natural healing abilities, using a combination of stem cells, cell-based growth factors and bioactive cells known as PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, and directing them where regeneration is needed.

billieRegenerative treatments have been used for decades, but a lesser known treatment taps laser therapy (Class IV minimum) to accelerate the healing process. Patients who receive this combination of treatments report faster results, alongside improved gains on reduced pain levels and lifestyle.

Combining Regenerative Medicine with laser therapy can relieve the pain associated with chronic conditions, while simultaneously repairing and regrowing the damaged tissues, which are the source of the pain.

“A major benefit to this form of treatment is that it requires no downtime,” asserts Dr. Leyte, RestoraLife’s medical director. “Many people are surprised to learn that chronic pain can be treated without the use of steroidal injections, medications or surgery.”

That’s music to Billie’s ears who can now better participate in all the activities she loves.

“I didn’t expect to be 25 again, or even 50 again. What I had hoped for was relief, and that’s what I got. Instead of continuing to get worse, I got better,” she says. “You know, besides our bodies, what else do we have? Nothing is worth anything if you’re in pain and you can’t enjoy it.”

“The Best Thing I Could Have Done”

After just a few months of Regenerative Medicine treatment, Billie began to notice small changes that gradually grew into big results.

“Number one, my low back pain has been greatly relieved. In fact, it’s almost gone,” she says. “Second, my legs don’t ache like they did. I feel like I finally have my power back.”

Billie’s energy and ability to complete daily tasks has also improved.

“Over the summer, I noticed that even in this heavy, humid air I wasn’t exhausted. What an absolute difference it was from the summer before.”

Fast forward to today, and Billie is back to her regular schedule, volunteering with numerous committees, co-directing with her community theatre and helping train other theatrevolunteer actors. She has also resumed her daily walks and is ecstatic over her results.

“It was the best thing I could have done,” she declares. “I’ve always enjoyed being a part of things — not just being a bystander. My stamina has improved significantly and I’m back to enjoying the things I love to do.”

Billie also feels confident that the treatments have provided her with a better quality of life, improving more than just her pain.

“In general, my health is better. My quality of sleep has improved, and I would even have to say my appetite is better,” she says.

“The dedication at RestoraLife has been apparent from the start. This has helped me tremendously and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others. In fact, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.”

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