Regenerative Medicine Regenerates Earlier Dreams and Goals, Too

Regenerative Medicine Regenerates Earlier Dreams and Goals, Too

Each year you gain another year of wisdom but on the other hand, you may be losing ground with your body. You feel older and your joints aren’t as flexible as they once were. You move slower and your reaction times are not as fast simply because you know if you moved fast, you would hurt something!

You may wonder where your life is headed. How much decrease in quality of life will you experience before an answer shows up?

Regenerative Medicine RegeneratesDoctors Agree That Something Better Than Before is Here Now

Compassionate medical doctors feel your emotional pain, too – and have seen that the old ways of treating their patients via surgery, medications and physical therapy simply are not good enough anymore. They want to and finally can do something that has not previously been available – harness the power of your body to heal itself by giving it a boost with one of medicine’s finest advancements ever – one called regenerative medicine.

Regenerative medicine utilizes the earliest cell type in the body you had when you were a fetus growing in your mother’s womb called a stem cell. This stem cell has almost magical properties to it because it has the capability of turning into one of many different types of cells of the body’s muscles, bones and joints; skin or nervous system.

Once these cells are injected into the body, they get busy and start creating the new cells that are needed to regenerate the type of tissue that is damaged. These treatments are called cell-based treatments.

Besides cell based therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) which contains growth factors to make cells grow big and strong, and laser therapy may also be used in the procedure. These additional two treatments enhance what the stem cells are doing.

Regenerative Medicine is Changing the World, One Dream at a Time

No matter what your age is, the new regenerative medicine processes have proven that tissues are renewed or regenerated. Those who have had pain previously in a shoulder, SI joint, knee joint or vertebrae of the spine and decide on the regenerative medicine approach are consistently reporting results not seen before without surgery. They have greater range of motion, a significant reduction in pain, and perhaps best of all – they are changing their old stagnant plans of staying home and on the couch to plans that make their dreams come true.

Sometimes their dreams are simple ones like tossing a football with the grandchildren but other times they are even grander, such as running a marathon, getting remarried, and traveling the world.

Check in with your own dreams and what’s going on in your body. Is there a mismatch?

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