Medical Co-Op Space

A turnkey, equipped medical office is ready for your staff on the day(s) of the week you need.

Owning or renting and managing the overhead expenses of an office can be quite pricey. A medical co-op allows you the benefit of your own medical practice with the responsibility and overhead. Unlock the door in the morning, set up your equipment (which can be stored on site), and you are ready to tend to your patients and their needs.

Medical Co Op FL

Pay for the days you need

If you practice in Florida one or two days each week, you will pay only for those particular days.

Test the market; increase patient database

Are you looking to expand your practice into Florida? We are located in the heart of FL, in Brevard County. Rather than make a multi-year commitment and embark upon an expensive build out, try one day a week at RestoraLife Regenerative Medicine. You may discover there is more demand than you expected, but if that’s not the case, you won’t be locked into a long-term contract.

Approaching retirement?

Perhaps you are not yet ready to retire but prefer to reduce the number of days you practice per week; or, more importantly, you want to reduce the risk associated with serving the community while you finalize your retirement plans.  Alexandria Shared Medical is an ideal solution for practitioners seeking reduced risk and overhead while capitalizing on a new, high quality office presence.

Forget the hassle and outrageous cost of medical facilities overhead

Your time is best spent providing excellent medical care to your patients, not dealing with distractions of maintaining a fully functioning office. Our all-inclusive pricing helps you budget your bottom line.

Our price includes: utilities, staff, phone systems, WIFI, real estate taxes, Common Area Maintenance (CAM) and parking.

Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Medical Co-Op
Medical Co-Op Space FL

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