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Stem Cell Treatments may not be right for everyone.

Over the last few years, stem cell treatments for painful conditions have become increasingly popular.  People are seeing outstanding results and reclaiming their life from pain.  Surgeries are being avoided, pain medications are minimized if not eliminated, and ongoing pain management efforts are ceasing.  Sounds great, right?

It is great, for many people and many conditions.  However there are instances where stem cell treatments are not the answer.  Not everyone and every condition can be treated successfully using stem cells.  Despite what some may say, this medically advanced treatment isn’t a miracle worker, and traditional treatments, medications and surgeries are sometimes necessary.

Stem Cell CandidatesStem cell treatments are essentially a concentration of materials delivered to a specific location that is in need of regeneration. The body recognizes the extra healing materials and sends additional resources to the area that assist in the rebuilding process.  This could apply to cartilage, ligament, bone, nerves, hair, etc.   It should be noted that these materials can produce regeneration on their own, however in order for maximum regeneration they need help from the body’s other healing mechanisms.

Blood circulation plays an important role in regeneration.  Our circulatory system is responsible for delivering platelets and other growth factors to the area of the body in need.  A compromised circulatory system can minimize the regeneration potential that stem cells may have.  Energy is also required for healing.  Diet and exercise habits play a role.  A compromised digestive system can stifle our ability to convert food into fuel and further repress healing.  Other medical conditions and medications can also slow or stop the regeneration process.  Tobacco and alcohol use can also have a negative affect on healing.  Any one or more of these factors can undermine an attempt at regeneration and pain relief.

Additionally, the location and severity of the condition play a primary role in determining if stem cells treatments are right for you.  Osteoarthritis (OA) is a good example of this.  Cell-based treatments are very effective when it comes to OA of the knee. However OA treatments for the hips may not respond as well depending on the severity of the condition.  This is also an example of how blood flow can play a part in regeneration.  Knee joints receive  more blood flow than hips and therefore are more productive in regeneration of cartilage.  Hip conditions can still be helped with cell based treatments, however, the patient needs to be seen by a clinician that has experience in understanding when a hip is too far deteriorated for stem cell treatments.

Needless to say, stem cells are not a black and white matter and they are not a stand-alone miracle cure.  The effectiveness of these treatments can be bolstered or muted depending on a number of other factors.  Determining whether or not these treatments are right for you can seem like a daunting task.  Add to this the growing number of “stem cell clinics” opening up across the country, of which the majority are not properly evaluating or projecting candidacy for effective outcomes.  How can a person even know where to start or who to trust?

RestoraLife offers free consultations for this very reason.  They also conduct public seminars weekly to educate people on stem cells and other regenerative treatments.  “A person should feel good about their decision to have these treatments.  They shouldn’t feel pressured and they shouldn’t feel like they are taking a huge chance”, says Nicole Hadjadj, Clinical Director and CEO.  RestoraLife evaluates each patient and condition separately, spending as much time as necessary with a patient to accurately determine candidacy.

Florida Stem Cell ClinicRestoraLife does not recommend services to all consultations for the reasons mentioned above.  “Unfortunately, not everyone’s body possesses a strong healing environment”, continued Hadjadj.  “Many times the hurdles of healing can be bypassed using other modalities like Laser Therapy.  Other times there are simply too many contradicting factors to even recommend a cell-based treatment.”

An example of this is a married couple came in recently for consultation.  The woman suffered from surgical complications and the man was dealing with Fibromyalgia.  “They were an amazing couple that operated as a team as they each lived with their painful conditions.  We wanted to help them so badly but could not recommend our services for them.  There were simply too many factors present that would’ve contradicted the regeneration process.”

Even though RestoraLife could not help them, they were both very understanding and appreciative of the time and care that was taken during consultation process.  They even took the time to write a personal letter to the RestoraLife staff expressing their gratitude and admitting that they would’ve started treatment had it been recommended.  They recognized how easily they could’ve been misled and taken advantage of, but were not.

If you or someone you love is suffering from a chronic pain condition and looking for guidance through the possibilities of regenerative medicine, call RestoraLife today. (321) 610-1848 

RestoraLife offers free consultations so individuals can receive the evaluation and information they need in order to make the right decision for themselves.


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