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Medical practices should be offering regenerative medicine, to provide a full spectrum of healing options for your patients and their individual needs.

RestoraLife will train you to handle all opportunities that arise. (marketing, sales training, office training, budgeting, vendors and much more)

Regenerative medicine involves using various techniques including injections, growth factors, stem cells, PRP and other solutions to stimulate the body to grow and repair structures such as ligaments, tendons and joints in order to heal pain and musculoskeletal injuries. It offers patients an alternative to simply managing their pain for the rest of their life, or undergoing complicated and risky surgeries.

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9 Years of proven experience in Concierge Medical Practice Conception and Expansion. 

RestoraLife is here to help you expand your revenue and productivity; not time spent in the office. Whether you are a new Doc getting started or a Doc looking to spend more time helping patients and less time trying to master ever changing computer systems, we can help.


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We successfully project manage your new startup from beginning to end

With the laws of medical coding and billing constantly changing and making it nearly impossible to run a profitable medical practice, most Practitioners are joining large groups for protection and stability. This is not necessary. With certain services and personnel in place, you can incorporate “concierge style” or self-pay services to your current practice that will boost revenue and allow you to give your patients the time they need and deserve from their health care practitioners.

Business Plan, Practice Operations, Menu of Services, Protocols, Vendor Selection, Medical Billing, Compliance, etc.
Marketing, Budgeting and Website.
Our start-up consultants are available for onsite visits to your new practice at any stage of your start-up process.

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Eliminate all the stress and headaches from starting your regenerative medicine practice.
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Regenerative Medicine Guide — Learn More

Learn more about Stem Cells  •  Learn more about PRP (platelet rich plasma)  •  Learn more about Laser Treatments  •  Learn more about Headache Relief  •  Learn more about A2M (Osteoarthritis Relief)


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