RestoraLife, Nona Medical Arts and Total Spine have teamed up to provide the gold standard in Regenerative Medicine. Our unique, trusted approach to orthopedic treatment options continue to heal pain and injury.

Stem Cell Therapy Brevard, Orlando, Merritt Island and Melbourne Beaches

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We designate a patient-specific approach, ensuring personalized, less invasive treatments tailored to each individual’s needs.

Our state-of-the art combination treatments include but are not limited to cell based therapies (stem cells), plasma injections (PRP) and laser treatments.

Our main focus is harnessing the body’s natural healing processes to effectively treat a variety of degenerative conditions.

WHY CHOOSE RestoraLife Regenerative Medicine?

RestoraLife is a vital leader in the regenerative medicine industry; staying on the forefront of stem cell research, PRP, Laser therapy and many other non-surgical options. This provides patients with piece of mind, and a better quality of life, faster! We treat the root of the pain, not just mask it with medications. Brevard stem cell therapy can help!

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Nicole Hadjadj, President/CEO


Not all pain is created equal and neither should treatment. Each patient is carefully evaluated and cared for like family.Personalized, custom treatment protocols are created to fit the needs of each individual and the painful conditions they are experiencing.


At RestoraLife, the mission is clear. Our vision is that regenerative medicine will one day take the place of most spine and joint surgery or procedures. With tremendous success rates, RestoraLife continues to educate patients on the advantages and advances of stem cells, PRP and Laser therapy treatments. Seeing our patients happy, healthy and enjoying activities they love, is the most rewarding.

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Enjoying Life Again!

“I started walking more often without my cane”, Frank recalls. “I completely got rid of it after a month of treatment. Every week I was feeling better and better. I really couldn’t believe it!”

Desperate for relief, Frank sought the help of an orthopedic surgeon. He learned he was suffering from stenosis, spondylolisthesis, and his body, spine and joints were riddled with degenerative osteoarthritis. What came next was unsettling news. “He told me I needed spinal fusion surgery, if I ever wanted to walk again or stand without pain. To me, this was not an acceptable option. There had to be another way.” After a lot of research, Frank found RestoraLife and began his journey with regenerative treatments.

Are You a Candidate? Find Out!

Have you been told you need surgery? Do you have Osteoarthritis? Contact us first!


Here you will find stem cell study information, the latest regenerative medicine news and personal success stories.


See how we can help with your pain and/or injury without the need for surgery. Offices: Brevard County, Merritt Island and Orlando FL.

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