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Regenerative Medicine through use of Stem Cells, Growth Factors and PRP, RestoraLife promotes a self-healing environment within the body.

What Exactly is the difference between PRP Injections for Pain & Stem Cell Injections for Pain?

PRP is a mix of concentrated platelets and serum. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is generally great for helping painful areas or conditions that may either heal on their own (given ample time) or are may be stuck in the healing process and need a little “boost” to get things moving towards pain resolution. PRP Injections utilize the patient’s own blood.

Stem Cells are more powerful than PRP and are used to treat more difficult or stubborn pain conditions. Stem Cells encourage a greater concentration of stem cells; administering these cells directly into the damaged area provides faster pain relief along the environment for repair. Stem Cells are derived from a donor’s healthy blood.

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How Can I Benefit From Stem Cell Treatments for Pain?

Stem Cell Injections provide healing, repair and regeneration of injured or damaged tissue. Stem Cells can regenerate tissues that are injured in neck and back spine injuries, meniscal tears, ligament tears, rotator cuff tear, tennis elbow and in degenerative diseases like arthritis and osteoarthritis. It decreases pain at the level of the injury; improving performance. The procedure is administered in our office, under local anesthesia; eliminating the risks associated with surgery or general anesthesia.


Stem Cell Treatments use healthy stem cells to repair damaged or diseased tissue so your body can heal itself. The area of orthobiologics that is growing that fastest and showing the most promise is the use of stem cells and other similar cell-based treatments that work with stem cells.  Stem cells help to maintain the body’s continuous cycle of regeneration, repair and healing.  As the body ages, the concentration of stem cells found in the body diminishes.  As the stem cell concentration diminishes, it becomes increasingly difficult for the body to recover from injury.  Similar to the techniques used in PRP, stem cells and the other cell-based biomaterials can be extracted, concentrated and delivered by a clinician into areas of chronic pain that need help. These building blocks provided at higher concentrations that can occur naturally due to the aging process are capable of advanced reconstruction and revitalization.

The popularity of these advanced regenerative treatments is growing quickly as patients now have an alternative approach to try that is minimally invasive, requires no down time like a surgery and also does not include the risks associated with surgeries. Tell us a little bit about your pain and see if you are a candidate for this amazing, cutting-edge pain relief technology. Contact Us.

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