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Add Regenerative Medicine to your Medical Practice or start a new practice. RestoraLife will guide and implement an unparalleled marketing program to promote any new business, ensuring success!

RestoraLife has 9 years of proven experience in Concierge Medical Practice Conception and Expansion.

With the laws of medical coding and billing constantly changing and making it nearly impossible to run a profitable medical practice, most Practitioners are joining large groups for protection and stability. This is not necessary. With certain services and personnel in place, incorporating “concierge style” or self-pay services to your current practice will boost revenue and allow doctors to give patients the time they need and deserve from their health care practitioners.

RestoraLife is here to help expand and grow revenue and productivity, not time spent in the office. Whether a new Doc just getting started or a Doc looking to spend more time helping patients and less time trying to master ever changing computer systems, we can help.

We have an al-a-carte style of consulting that can offer anything from suggestions to actually coming into the office to help manage and grow your practice.

Regenerative Medicine is a unique approach to traditional orthopedic options (ie – surgery); healing chronic pain and injuries. Regenerative Medicine Treatments empower the body to repair itself, whether it is back pain, osteoarthritis, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, nerve conditions and even extreme conditions like fibromyalgia and neuropathy.

PRP injections uses the patient’s own blood to separate platelets in a centrifuge. The platelets are then re-injected into the injured area, releasing growth factors that promote natural tissue healing.

Stem cell therapy is a completely different process of extracting rejuvenating cells. Due to stem cells’ ability to restore and regenerate, their application toward pain relief is a logical step. In particular, stems cells are an exciting treatment solution for conditions such as degenerative disc disease and disc herniation.

RestoraLife’s experienced startup consultants know how to incorporate regenerative medicine into your already successful medical practice or help you setup a new practice from scratch. We have helped open dozens of successful medical practices across the country. Experience counts. Demographic studies. Financing assistance. HIPAA / OSHA compliant.


“Regenerative Medicine is one of the fastest growing biomedical industries in the world because patients are being cured of diseases that were once incurable.” –

The Obstacle for Most Doctors
Lack of insurance coverage for regenerative care translates to a lack of referrals and organic sources for patient acquisition, Patient education is time consuming and cumbersome for staff, Concierge care is the opposite of the gate-keeper practice model which has been successful in the past
The Solution
RestoraLife offers comprehensive and market tested services that support regenerative care practices in establishing, marketing, managing and growing their business.

RestoraLife will assist you with all your practice setup needs, from start to finish, including marketing, budgeting, vendor selection, staffing and more.

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About Nicole Hadjadj

Nicole Hadjadj, Founder/CEO of RestoraLife Systems is revolutionizing the way doctors run their practices and serve their patients so they can better leverage their time, talent and resources.
Nicole uses her knowledge and experience to implement Regenerative protocols and procedures within current medical practices.

When regenerative medicine was in its infancy, Nicole founded RestoraLife Regenerative, a fully cash pay restorative clinic.
By month two, the clinic was cash-flow positive and proceeded to reach 1.8 million in revenue by year two.

Nicole’s proven process of marketing, advertising, staff training, patient education and white glove patient care, has helped numerous doctors add successful regenerative services to their existing practice.

The implementation of this process has resulted in higher profits through multiple revenue streams in every case. Equally as important, her processes allow providers to distinguish themselves in a growing market.